Sunday, December 4, 2011

Marathon training update

Here is a quick update as to what Gertrude has been up to workout wise. For the past two weeks we have focused on improving her general run fitness by running no more than four times a week and no longer than 45 minutes. Also, we haven’t run more than two days in a row and often have days of no running to allow time for Gertrude to go to her favorite yoga, indoor cycling and group fitness classes.
 The reason why I want her to train this way initially is to let the body adjust to running. Pounding pavement puts incredible amounts of stress on our joints, tendons and muscles so it is important to let our bodies get used to the stress of running.  Also, time is on our side. The Wrightsville Beach Marathon isn’t until March 18th so we don’t need to hit the panic button just yet. However, it should be known that Gertrude was already in very good shape before we started working together and has played sports at the division one collegiate level and there isn’t a need to improve her general health. If Gertrude was in average health with no prior exercise experience I would suggest starting out with walking and strength training with a personal trainer. Below is what a typical training week had looked like for Gertrude.

Monday- 30 min easy run
Tuesday – Hot Yoga
Wednesday- 40min easy run
Thursday- 30min easy run on treadmill
Friday- off day
Saturday – Indoor Cycling Class
Sunday- 40 min easy run

 Training Tip
Notice there is an off day in there, it is important to let our bodies rest. Sure, you can run seven days a week and feel fine, but eventually you will need some rest. Make sure to give yourself a break and don’t sweat it. When you allow your body to rest you will be able to train at a much higher intensity and keep yourself injury free.
As always, pass along any questions or comments and be on the lookout for a super fantastical fish taco recipe. It is uber healthy and tastes amazing.
Get moving. Keep moving.

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