Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to be a road warrior

Are you worried about getting out of your routine when traveling? For me the holidays are the hardest, not only because of the copious amounts of sweets, but all of the friends/family obligations that require me to hop from one house to the next and thus making my workout time minimal at best. Obviously family time is a must, but so is keeping my fitness in check.

Previously I would just give in and let it all hang out. It wasn’t until I got on a scale after a holiday trip and I noticed that I had put on 8lbs in 5 days that I decided enough was enough. Usually I don’t harp at the number on the scale, but when you can see a dozen sugar cookies in your chin and your sweat pants are tight, you have reached rock bottom.

So, here is a solution. The following steps when followed closely will help keep your fitness on point.

Step 1.
Go to the grocery store and fill up the car for your trip. This way, you don’t need to eat fast/gas station food on the road and when you get to grandma’s house and the food choices include things like, pimento cheese, liver worst cured meats, you can stick to your normal food intake methods. When traveling by plane, pack a carry on of easy to snacks like trail mix, apples and pre made almond butter sandwiches.

Step 2.
To complete my road warrior status I get on the Google machine and scope out area gyms, exercise trails and running routes. Even if I only get a few spare minutes, I can still get a workout in and keep the workout routine intact. If you are time crunched for time a quick run is your best bet.

Step 3.
Enjoy yourself and the time you have with friends and families! Don’t overdo it and go missing on a 10 mile run Christmas morning, instead get in 3 when everyone is watching A Christmas Story for the 10th time. Also, don’t be afraid to have a couple of extra sweets, it won’t kill you; otherwise you will run the risk of offending your Aunt for refusing her famous chocolate chip cookies.

There you have it, a fool proof plan to keep fit during the holidays, good luck and let me know how you do or if you have any methods to share.

Get moving, keep moving,


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