Saturday, March 17, 2012

One more sleep

It's the night before Gertrude's marathon and the training went really well. She is locked and loaded and ready to run strong tomorrow. She didn't have too many issues with her training and we were able to make minor adjustments as needed. With any plan, flexibilty and coach/athlete communication is crucial. If running just isn't on the cards because of work, family, health that is fine, allow for flexibility instead of forcing a session. Keep the key workouts as the main focus and any other training is a bonus.

We will be posting Gertrude's results after the race along with her true identity. Here is a peak at her highest volume week, 3 weeks out from race week.

Monday- off

Tuesday- 1hr farlek session, using 3minute, 2minute, and 1 minute intervals with decending pace

Wednesday- 45 min easy

Thursday- 1hr 15min steady and easy

Friday- off

Saturay- 2hr with race pace efforts

Sunday- 2hr 30min steady and strong.

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